Mike Zielonka

Some folks call me a Digital Swiss Army Knife, others call me Magic Mike. If you'd ask me, I'd just like to be like Mike.


I am a unique and cunning Servant Leader with a vast and diverse skillset in Digital Marketing & Technology. ESTP is my Myers–Briggs personality type. My personality has been compared to that of a hyper-aware, cunning, detailed focused and technical problem-solving... fox 🦊.


As a Consultant and WordPress Expert, I collaborate with creators to build and optimize amazing digital experiences.


In my free time, I attempt to catch fish, cheer on the Green Bay Packers, and eat pizza (like a lot of pizza...with extra cheese, sausage, and fresh mushrooms).



"You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don't Take."

-Wayne Gretzky



BigScoots Partner

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